The success of Southern Tack depends on yacht clubs using this service.

A partnership is complete after a club or association has added Southern Tack's email address, ( ) to their members email distribution list. This way, southern Tack can keep events up-to-date.

ONLY EVENT DETAILS ARE EXTRACTED TO BE POSTED ON SOUTHERN TACK! Any other information remains confidential to that club.

Obviously, the success of this site also depends on public, yacht owners and crew to either visit this web site or 'Register Interest' to receive event information via email or visit Facebook. This way the information provided here will be both extensive and useful to the public and club members at large.

Southern Tack aims to include all yacht club events in the lower South Island and is focused on attracting all active yachties to read event updates via this Southern Tack service.

The result of these partnerships will allow us all to be better informed of activities in our area and hence, more likely to play an active role in yachting events. This should not only help attendance numbers at club events but also bring new people into yachting using the connections Southern Tack Provides.

Club members can help Southern Tack community grow by approaching your club committee and ask them to add Southern Tack's email address to their club distribution list.